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About Psychodrama

Psychodrama is a method which enables us to know and understand the self better. It enables us to look at our life from the outside, and to strengthen our coping mechanisms. This method is based on action, spontaneity and creativity. Ordinary events of life and the feelings that accompany are the field of practice for psychodrama. Psychodrama is practiced via plays, role taking, and dramatizing. The method enables us to work on the past, today, the future, and also on fantasies and dreams.  We play our own drama as a protagonist, opening up our inner self and feelings. The psychodramatist accompanies and guides this inner journey without judgment or advice, respecting the self limits of the protagonist. Trust and confidentiality are structured carefully during the process.

Psychodrama can be processed individually, or in group work. Psychodrama sessions practiced with one person are called monodrama. Many materials such as fabrics, different colors, stones, toys or different objects are used to establish the scene in monodrama. On the other hand, group members take the roles in group work. At the end of each psychodrama session, time is spared for feedback and sharing.

The main goals in psychodrama practice are to let go of emotional loads, to explore new perspectives, to explore the positive aspects of life, to have better adjustment and flexibility, to resolve conflicts, to develop better and/or different coping mechanisms, and to find new solutions for problems.
Fields of Practice For Psychodrama
Psychodrama is used as a method for individuals who aim personal development in monodrama sessions or group programs, and for psychodrama trainings. It is also practiced as a treatment for patient groups.
The individual who follows monodrama sessions with the psychodramatist can either continue the same process, or prefer to get included in a group program. The psychodrama groups can be “open groups”, which have independent sessions where members can join in when available, or “closed groups” which work more frequently, without any new members joining in.
The psychodrama method has a richness which enables to work in many different fields including drama, education, and industrial psychology. Psychodrama also enables to work with different ages and different professions, and structured programs having specific themes can be organized accordingly.